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Top Qatar Facts

•  Qatar is a complete desert.

•  Qatar owns the world's best 5-star airline - Qatar Airways

•  Qatar is the world's richest country as per GDP.

•  Qatar is the world's largest exporter of natural gas.

•  Qatar will host football 2022 world cup. For this, it is creating several new football grounds, which are heard to be fully air-conditioned.

•  Qatar's population is 2.18 million, out of which Qataris are only 350,000

•  Doha is capital of Qatar.

•  Qatar has less than 1% of cultivated land. Hence, it has to import almost 90% of food.

•  Qatar is a very small country (11586 sq. km). It's similar ones are Lebanon, Cyprus, Bahamas, Jamaica.

•  Qatar gained independence from Britain in 1971

•  Qatar is listed as the least corrupt country in the world, by Transparency International.

•  Qatar owns the very popular and controversial Arabic television channel - Al Jazeera.

•  Temperature is Qatar goes up to 50C in summer. However, period from November to April is very pleasant and one can enjoy inside and outside home with this weather to fullest.

•  Travel time to Qatar from London is 7.5 hours, 21 hours from Sydney and 16.5 hours from New York

•  The favorite food of Qataris is camel BBQ

•  42.4% more of Qatar's population uses the internet, which is more than the global average of 42.9%, putting Qatar in the top 10 list.

•  About 80% of population comprises expats, mainly from India, Phillipines and Pakistan.

•  There is no forest in Qatar.

•  The headscarf Qatari men wear is called Ghutra. Ghutra of different colors has different meanings. For instance, black & white ghutra means freedom, all-white means purity, red & white means patriotism.

•  Arabic is national language of Qatar. However, English is widely spoken because large expatriate population resides here.