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American Schools (6)
British Schools (18)
Dance Schools (6)
Disabled Children Schools (8)
Filipino Schools (2)
Indian Schools (13)
Japanese Schools (1)
Language Learning Centers (15)
Music Schools (5)
Nurseries (33)
Pakistani Schools (4)
Schools - International Baccalaureate System (3)
Schools - Other Systems (11)
Training Institutes (12)
Tuition Centers (8)
Universities (9)

Qatar Information: Everything You Want to Know About It & What's In It

Searching about Qatar Information? You're on the right page. Whether you are planning to move to Qatar, or have already moved, you will find on this website everything you like to know about Doha, Qatar, and everything that is in Qatar.

Qatar is an amazing country. It is rated as world's wealthiest country. It has world's largest gas reserves and is also very oil-rich. Qatar is world's only desert country. Qatar is 11570 in size. It has population of 2.0 million people, mostly habituating in the only main city Doha. The low temperature in the city varies between 10 and 31 degrees Celsius, and the high temperature remains between 21 and 41 Degrees Celsius.

Embassies of world's 53 countries are in Doha, Qatar. Find contact details of Embassies in Doha, here. If you are thinking of moving to Qatar for a job, or you're already in Qatar, you obviously want assistance in finding a new job. That's not difficult as you might think. There are many recruitment agencies in Doha which help people finding a job and there are career consular also to help you with your career planning. Just email them or visit the personally if you're already in Doha and register your detail with CV, and they'll be able to help you in this regards. You may also check out the job search websites for Qatar.

If you are planning to move to Doha, Qatar or planning to, you may be brining heavy luggage with you, and so wondering how can you move all that luggage with you. There are many frieght services in Doha, Qatar, they will do it for you. When you've moved to Doha, Qatar, one of the first things you should get is the local mobile phone SIM. There are two mobile phone companies operating in Qatar, you may go to thier office and obtain a new SIM for your daily life communications with peers in Doha and in your home country.

All type of financial services are found in Doha Qatar. There are 13 Banks in Qatar. If you need to transfer money to or from Doha, Qatar, find list of money transfer agencies here. When you arrive in Doha, Qatar you will need to exchange your currency with Qatar's currency, which is Qatari Riyal. There are plenty money exchangers in Doha, Qatar, which you can use for this job.

In Doha Qatar you will find top-notch schools for your children. British System Schools, American System Schools, Indian System Schools, International Baccalaureate System Schools, and other System Schools - all are here for best education of your children. Likewise, in Qatar you'll find many reputed Universities, modern education colleges, and training institutes offering a variety of short and long courses of different disciplines. There are also many special children (disabled) schools.

Qatar is a very dynamic state, it has plenty of entertainment places for different people to go and enjoy. You will find in Doha Qatar bars, lounges, cinemas, nightclubs, pubs, piano bars for relaxation and snacking. If you would like to do bar-be-que, open-air swimming, napping on the sand, there are plenty of beaches out there. The beaches are beautiful and you can have lot of fun there with your friends and family.

If you love history or culture, in Qatar you will find many museums that showcase amazing items from all over the world, especially from Middle East. Qatar also houses caves, forts, which are must-see ones. You might want to know about the Kids theme parks and cheap or free entertainment places for kids.

If you concern your health, be informed that in Qatar you will find modern hospitals where only senior and professional doctors are given place to work. There are about 5 Government hospitals and 5 private hospitals in Doha Qatar where you can go. You will find many gymnasiums in Qatar also. If you would like to see a dentist, there you will find plenty dental clinics that are run by highly professional dentists. Of course, there are plenty of Spas, Massage Centers in Qatar, too. There are six driving schools in Qatar that offer complete support in learning the driving and passing the driving test as well.

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