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Qatar and Cronavirus

If you are living in Qatar, here is important information regarding Cronavirus that you need now or later. Keep this information with you and share with others.

1. Ministry of Public Health has set up a dedicated, 24/7 call center to answer all your questions and inquiries related to Coronavirus. The number is 16000. This is a tollfree (free to call) number.

2. If you are an expatriate in Qatar and want to make a complaint about food supply, delivery, your salary or anything else during cronavirus period, government of Qatar has provided numbers where you can call for complaint and to get assistance. The complaint number is mentioned here.

3. Qatar Airways is regularly cancelling flights to/from many cities and countries. If you have near future traveling plans on Qatar Airways, keep checking their website to see if your flight has been cancelled or will be cancelled. Find Qatar Airways flight updates here

4. If you want free medicince delivery at your home during cronavirus period (service provided by Qatar governemnt), find the contact number here.

5. Qatar Government Communication office has updates on name of countries from where entry in Qatar has been restricted. If you are visiting Qatar or you areleady live in Qatar but traveled out of Qatar to certain countries, check the website to know whether you can come to Qatar. See details here.

6. Update yourself about what Cronavirus is, what are its symptoms and how you can prevent yourself from this virus:

Qatar Ministry website for general information

Symptoms due to cronavirus

How to protect yourself from cronavirus