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How to Find Jobs in Qatar?

Here are 7 best ways to find jobs in Qatar easily.

1. Contact Recruitment Agencies in Qatar

There are many recruitment agencies in Qatar. They help you find jobs once you have registered with this. Most of these do not charge the applicant; the registration is free, new job notifications are also free. They charge the employer once you get the job.

It is easy to register with them. You can visit their office or register with them online by emailing your personal detail and CV

2. Apply for Jobs using Employment Websites

There are many reputed job search websites that help you apply for view and apply for thousands of jobs online. These websites are free to use. All you need is to register an account, upload your CV, enter personal and professional experience and start searching and applying for jobs.

These websites list huge number of jobs and you can apply for a job with a click or two. Some of these websites also allow you to set your CV as 'Public' or 'Searchable', allowing recruiters to search job seekers CV and contact them if they wish to offer them a job.

Be warned! There are many more websites than these and many of these are fake. They might look legitimite but ask you to pay a small amount to register and start using the website. Avoid all such websites and only use these reputed job search websites

3. Read Newspapers

Read Qatar newspapers such as Gulf Times, The Penisula, Qatar Corniche, Qatar Tribune in English and Al Arab, Al Raya, Al Sharq, Al Watan, Lusail in Arabic.
You may be able to find these in your local newspaper shop, if not, you can access these newspapers on thier websites.

4. Send CV directly to Companies

This also proves to be effective. Do a Google search with search terms like 'Companies in Qatar' or a specifc search term like 'Construction Companies in Qatar'. Once you find the company website, look for their email address and send them your CV and Cover Letter, mentioning what type of job you are applying for

5. Use Linkedin

You can search for companies in Qatar on the Linkedin website. Enter in the Linkedin search keywords like 'Qatar Companies' and once you find these, send them your CV on the Linkedin website.
Many companies advertise jobs on Linkedin too. You can view these jobs and apply right on the website.

6. Come to Qatar and Search

This option is expensive and risky but can get you a job. Visiting and staying in Qatar for 2-3 weeks and continously trying for job may work. Many employers run walk-in interviews, which can be tried. In addition, searching and applying for jobs while in Qatar can also work out a little more, since the employer will know that you are in Qatar and they can call you for interview anytime they want.

7. Connect with people

Talking with friends or even anyone else who is currently living in Qatar may be helpful in finding a job in Qatar. People often know about job vacancies in their organization and sometimes they themselves are looking for staff for their department. There are several ways to connect with people.

You can try a Qatar website or join Qatar or Middle East job search Facebook groups. In addition, you can connect with people working in Qatar, on the Linkedin website and then send them your CV.

This is how to find jobs in Qatar. Hope you found this guide helpful. Qatar is a good country to live in and work. You can find more about Qatar on this page.

Remember, there may be other ways to find and get a job in Qatar, such as paying a local recruitment agency, but be aware of commonly happening fraud - they may take your money but won't do anything.


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