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Spiralling Cost of Football FIFA Worldcup 2022

The football FIFA world cup to be held in Qatar in 2022 is likely to shape up as one of the most, if not the most, expensive event in history. Figures of over a staggering hundred billion dollars have been mentioned while calculating the cost of the spectacle. The reason for this is that Qatar lacks most of the basic infrastructure required to hold an event of this magnitude. They will need to develop stadiums, associated facilities, hotels and training pitches and transport etc. to cope with the needs. Even when the plans for futuristic, space-age air conditioned stadiums are scrapped, the football world cup 2022 will still cost staggering amounts of money.

10 Times as Much as Other Tournaments

The 2010 world cup in South Africa cost a mere $3.5 billion, while the 2014 tournament cost closer to $14 billion. Russia, which is hosting the 2018 edition, is spending just around $20 billion to host the world cup. The one in Qatar, however, will cost somewhere closer $200 billion. Around $16 billion of this will go into the construction of brand new stadiums and the rest in developing other infrastructure.

The stadium which will host the first and the final match of the tournament will perhaps be the grandest in the world once it is constructed. The city where it will be built does not even exist yet! The whole complex, the city and the stadium, will be constructed just for the world cup.

Losing TV Deals

With the decision to move the tournament to the winters, also come financial implications. Although huge amounts of money will be saved by not requiring air conditioning, the revenue streams will suffer. A major portion of FIFA’s revenues from the world cup come from TV deals. The existing TV deals were signed for a summer tournament. Changing to winters will have an effect on this too. For example, in the US, Fox paid huge amount of money for the rights to a summer tournament. Now that it is taking place in the winters and clashing with the wildly popular NFL season, the cash flow might suffer.

The world cup in Qatar in 2022 will be a very expensive affair. However, if there is any country in the world that can afford to spend such extravagant amounts on a football tournament, it is Qatar.